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Caught Masturbating, Don't Stop.

Vancouver Jax Tuesday, October 25th, from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Our next (AND LAST!) scheduled Vancouver Jax party will be on Tuesday evening, October 25th from 7 pm to 10 pm. If you don’t already know, we meat at Club 8×6, located at 1775 Haro Street, near Denman.

Admission price to Vancouver Jax parties is $10 ($5 for students). Clothes-check is $2 on Tuesday evenings and complimentary on Sundays. Hang out with other horny dudes looking to share some serious M2M penis play. We supply hot JO porn, Albolene lube imported from the States, groovy tunes and bate chants to get your goon on. You supply the greedy, greasy bator dicks!

As the owners of Club 8×6 have announced the closure of the club as of November 1st, Vancouver Jax will be on hiatus until another suitable venue can be found.

It’s been a real pleasure to be your host for all the Vancouver Jax parties, seeing (and playing with) all you hot bators for close to three years.

Please note that Vancouver Jax parties adhere to a strict code of conduct. The primary focus is on penis self-pleasure and sharing this consensual experience with a diverse but like-minded tribe of men of all ages (19+). After all, that’s what makes are parties so special and why we gather here together in the first place.


A bit of background…

If you’re new to Vancouver Jax, it’s been close to three years since our gatherings got started in January 2014. What a crazy and at times, wild ride it’s been too, starting with the initial excitement and twitching in my crotch as you responded so well and showed up in the dozens to our parties. And then being “outed” in the National Post in September 2014 as an organizer of masturbation parties. Here’s the article:

We are now celebrating more than two year’s worth of regular dick stroking fun with other like-minded buddies. For the most part, it’s been a very positive experience, and most of the credit goes to the guys who’ve come down to Club 8×6 to play with their horny bate brothers.

Well into our third year of jackin’ at Club 8×6, I want to thank Zoll, Petar and their team for providing a fantastic venue for our parties, and also a big shout out to my Vancouver Jax volunteer buddies who’ve helped out with hosting parties when I wasn’t around to and also giving me some relief on the clothes-check duties.

Someone sarcastically told me that I had a tough job as host of our parties. LOL Well, I do have to say that I’m lovin’ it! I have the advantage of getting to see and feel up most of all you hot bators who’ve been to our parties. There are easily 100+ of you out there. I have this fantasy that everyone who’s ever been (or intended) to go to a Vancouver Jax party will turn up to play at our next party. Can you imagine! That would be so awesome!